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Nutri – Flo was founded in 1988 when its founding members recognized the opportunity to provide a comprehensive fertilizer service to sugar growers on the North Coast of KZN. Initially Nutri – Flo supplied liquid fertilizers in the form of slurry suspensions and an application service.

Over the past 30 through innovation and the development of new technologies Nutri – Flo have evolved as a significant force offering competitive fertilizer solutions throughout the Southern African sugar belt. In the 1990’s Nutri – Flo recognized the potential opportunities offered in using Condensed Molasses Solids (CMS) which is produced as a result of the distillation of molasses. These innovations have enhanced yield and profitability of growers, reduced the sugar industries reliance on imported potassium chloride and had a positive environmental impact through the return of organic matter to the soil and by providing and alternative disposal option of excessive CMS from the distilleries. .

Nutri – Flo prides itself in its precision application services, continuous field trials and research and development of CMS application technology throughout KZN, Mpumalanga Lowveld, Swaziland and other African countries which will ultimately reduce the continents dependence on imported fertilizers.

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