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Potassium Nitrate


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All figures quoted should be considered as a typical product analysis and may vary due to manufacturing process and raw materials. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES A granular crystal or fine crystalline white powder. Critical Relative Humidity @ 30ºC: 90.5. Solubility @ 20ºC: 47 g/100ml of water (31% concentration). Water quality is critical in determining solubility, in some areas advisors recommend  25g /100ml water (20% concentration) to ensure solubility. CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Chemical formula: KNO3. 38% Potassium (K). 13% Nitrogen (N). Salt index: 74 (relative to Sodium Nitrate at 100). Acidification index: non acidifying AGRONOMIC BENEFITS Suitable for crops that are sensitive to chloride. Technical grade product should preferentially be used for foliar feeding and drip irrigation. Compatible for blending with MAP, LAN, Urea, Ammonium Sulphate ,Potassium Chloride. Please note: Consult a qualified person (Act 36 of 1947) for specific applications / recommendations.

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